March 31, 2023 h. 15:00 – 17:00
Typology Affordances - Architecture beyond Function
Politecnico di Milano, Campus Leonardo, Edificio 12, 2° piano, SALA Riunioni

Seminario di chiusura del periodo di ricerca di Andreas Lechner (TU Graz), visiting Scholar presso il DASTU (Dicembre 2022-Marzo 2023), e lancio della Call for Papers (by Drawing) – Affordances of Architectural Typology.

“Affordances of Architectural Typology” is a design-driven research project that seeks to explore and further design strategies that are aiming at resilient and climate-positive buildings and yet are quintessentially architectural in nature. As material composition enabling inhabitation, buildings are mediations between forms and functions. Yet different timescales are determining the building’s “shearing layers” – primary structural systems can last for hundreds of years, while surfaces, house services, furnishings, inhabitation or the harbouring of a specific use are of a more temporary character. The wiggle room resulting from these different timescales produces a gap, that we bridge designerly through drawing – i.e. drawing on different abstraction techniques. These design techniques allow us to envision past and future forms of inhabitation and alteration. At the same time, they also reveal the vague character of the underlying building type.

Relatore: Andreas Lechner (TU Graz)
Partecipano (promotori dell’invito ad Andeas Lechner): Marco Bovati, Antonio Carvalho, Angelo Lunati, Gennaro Postiglione
Intervengono: Francesca Albani, Michela Bassanelli, Matteo Clementi, Elena Fontanella, Fabio Lepratto, Jacopo Leveratto, Francesca Serrazanetti

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