Design Studios

Fig. Counterintuitive Typologies 2020-2023 

Semester & Title     

W 2023/24

Steinhaus, Steindorf, Steinhof 
E4 - Design 4 (Bach. 3rd y.)

Design Research, Mixed-Use, Culture, (Private) Monument 
Steindorf am Ossiachersee, AT

S 2023

(Neue) Klaviatur der Vorstadt – Fingerboard Villa
Design 4 (Bach.)

Midterm review: 
Cameron McEwan

Mark Jenewein (Love), 
Armin Stocker (TU Graz) 

︎︎︎ Project David Pöll
Mixed-Use, (Peri-)Urban Villa
Graz, AT

W 2022/23

Mixed-Use Multi-Form

w/ Elisabeth Koller
Design Studio (Master)   

Midterm review:
Evelyn Temmel, Klemen Breitfuß

Final review:
Angelo Lunati (Onsitestudio, Polimi),
Gennaro Postiglioni (Polimi) 

︎︎︎ Project Guger + Vecchiet
Adaptive Reuse, Generic big Box typologies 
Peri-urban sites, AT

S 2022 

15 Corners, One House

w/ Elisabeth Koller
Design 4 (Bach.)

Midterm review: 
Eva Herunter, 
Alexander Barina

Final crit: 
Wolfgang Köck (Pentaplan) 
Sandra Janser (J-C-K)

︎︎︎ Proj. Kerstin Neuhold + Kristina Radl
Urban Block, Corner buiding, Mixed-Use, Perimeter Block
Graz, AT

W 2021/22

Education of an Architect    

w/ Tobias Gruber
Design Studio

Guest Crits:
Alexander Barina
Daniel Gethmann
Alex Lehnerer  

︎︎︎ Project Fabian Steinberger
Adaptive Reuse, Generic Big Box 
Graz, AT

W 2020/21

Counterintuitive Typologies 1

w/ Tobias Gruber
Design Studio

Anne Femmer,
Florian Summer,
Alex Lehnerer

Final review: 
Alex Lehnerer,
Julian Brües

Adaptive Reuse,
Housing, Crescent   
Graz, Gratkorn, AT

S 2020  


w/ Anna Lloch Centis –Cierto Estudio, Barcelona
Design Studio

(switched online)

︎︎︎ Project Michael C. Lindemann
Graz, AT

W 2019/20    

Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW)

w/ Bernhard Moser (BWM, Vienna)
Mixed-Use, Office, Archive, Gallery
Vienna, AT

S 2019


with TEd’A arquitectes, Palma, Mallorca 
Adaptive Reuse, Housing
Palma, Mallorca, SP

W 2018/19


w/ Tobias Gruber
Housing, Sports, Recreation  
Graz, AT       

S 2018    


w/ Job Floris (Monadnock)

Mixed-Use, Market Hall, Offices, Housing  
Graz, A

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